Mary and I would like to thank you all for your support in our program from all over the state. We have covered the state with signs and bumper stickers all across our state. You can see the work you have done. There is no telling the lives you have saved by your efforts THANK YOU.  

  There has been changes in our program, and we have new things that we can use. Go visit our District web-page and click on the Moterist Awareness Program tab. There you will find some new things you can download and use.  Coloring pages for the kids, cut outs and tri-folds, that are very good. We also have some 15-minute mini packs.

  You just have to call me to get them, then I can send them to you. It takes less time than a full 45-minute seminar and they are fun!!

  We would like to come to your town and put on a school program anywhere across the state, it is really easy to do. With the coloring pages and the handouts, we have, kids just love them.  If you know a teacher, she can help you get in. They are looking for things to do at the end of the year. We can come and support you in any way you need.

  Walmart's is a good place to set up, why not a bike show? A scout group, the Lions Club are always looking for someone to come and talk to their group.

  But most of all, have fun with it. Our school program will make you smile, and put a smile on a child's face .

Plus, when you train a child they never forget it. 


​The Motorist Awareness Program Gold Award is presented at GWRRA District Rallies by the District Motorist Awareness Program Officer or the Motorist Awareness Program Director.  This award recognizes members who have contributed to the safety of motorcycle riders in at least five of the following ways:

1. Presentations to students of public or private schools or universities.
2. Presentations to members of community organizations, both civic and religious.  (one event per organization counted per calendar year)
3. Presentation to Driving Schools.
4. Presentation to AAA or AARP driver classes.
5. Presentation or MAP exhibit at  Company Safety Days.(one event per company per year)
6. Presentation or MAP exhibit at Community Safety Days.(one event per community per year)
7. Presentation or MAP exhibit at the National Night Out.
8. Presentation or MAP exhibit at a community festival or fair.

​Below are Coloring Books, Flyers and Cutouts to be handed out at your next Motorist Awareness event.​

Motorist  Awarness  Program

​Mickey and Mary Searels

Louisiana District

Motorist Awareness Coordinator

337 370 8956